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City Traders Close Shops in Mass Protest


Shops in all parts of the city center have closed as traders protest over the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solutions (EFRIS) system.

The protests were started last week by traders affiliated with the Federation of Uganda Traders’ Associations (FUTA). On Tuesday, they were joined by other traders associated with Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA). 

Most of the arcades and other businesses remained closed, as the traders stood outside their shops. 

Different security agencies including military police, and field force unit (FFU) counterterrorism Police, were deployed in different parts of the city center.

On some roads such as Nakivubo, Namirembe, and Kiseka,  police used teargas and bullets to disperse some rowdy traders who had started burning tyres in the middle of the roads.

Godfrey Katongole the Chairman of Kampala Arcades Association-KATA said they have closed their businesses after several attempts to discuss with the government have been futile. 

“We’re protesting against Electronic fiscal receipting and invoice solution which is being put on us, yet we don’t know how it works, taxes like import duty which is at 35%, we want it reduced to 20%,  and unfair taxes collection methods by URA,” Katongole said.

He added that they will close businesses until Friday when they anticipate meeting the President.  

“Most of the policies are passed after meeting the President, yet sometimes he never gets the truth on how these policies will affect the business community. We’re hoping to meet the President so that we can explain to him our grievances too. Katongole noted”

On Monday, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said that security agencies had realized that politicians were planning to hijack the protests by traders to cause riots in the city center.

“We have information these are not peaceful demonstrations, some politicians have hired some goons to beat those who will open their shops. We cannot allow that to happen. Owoyesigyire said.

On Saturday, John Musinguzi, the URA Commissioner General, reiterated that EFRIS will not be removed instead they will continue engaging the business community to understand the new policy.


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City Traders Close Shops in Mass Protest

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