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All right all right my name is um if you have what it takes please come join the competition over inangolio queen but you can be a star you want to be a star or someone you know the fans decide strictly the fans decide the fans vote you the fans

Love you the fans shower love to you yes like the video subscribe to the channel comment to the video so like upon yourself about following uh rise to fame competition is on and this is the contestant ladies and gentlemen without further ado allow me to introduce to you this

Yeah angry lion coming to massachusetts i come with it is it well and then call me by lu straight out of prophetic music if you’re watching over there then subscribe and support a friend a man man the next big sensation is 12th art and the business then call me bad

Good from your head to your toe yes there pandey plus [Applause] i’ll be your body buddy buddy girl baby girl never leave your side what sexy mommy mommy go and do your dance for me give me a green light and i become incoming joining joining your body like a bottle [Applause]

Spend the rest of my life with you

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  1. @fishermc2298 says

    Eba vibe🍭❤️🔥🔥

  2. @derrickkiberu5135 says

    Nicolyee lu

  3. @derrickkiberu5135 says

    Nicolyee lu

  4. @derrickkiberu5135 says

    Nicolyee lu

  5. @kigoziresty9123 says

    Nicolyee lu kuntiko..
    Jah bless our journey 🙏 bro .

  6. @rwemfalconug7550 says

    🦁🌟🌟, This One is Baddest. This is a Winner

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