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Destiny’s Child Members Reunite for First Ever Group Photo, Excluding Former Member


Destiny’s Child underwent a lineup change during the turn of the century that split the group’s timeline into two separate eras all five members have now broken the Internet by sharing their first photograph together the group originally started out in 1990 as a four-piece comprising Beyonce Kelly Roland Latoya Luckett and Latavia

Roberson Luckett and Roberson were replaced with Michelle Williams and Farah Franklin in 2000 though the latter departed just 5 months after joining what was left went on to become DC’s most successful and well-known lineup on Wednesday January 3rd Luckett shared a photograph of all members together in their first ever picture together

Franklin who only ever recorded one song with the group was absent from the shot in the caption the 42-year-old wrote that the reunion was hands down her favorite moment of 2023 and that she wishes they all experience beautiful moments like this in 2024 specifically she listed the love

The joy the prayer and the healing as being Central to the homecoming which took place at Bay’s Renaissance World Tour show in her hometown of Houston Texas friends fans and collaborators of the group flooded the comment section of luckett’s post to show love to the fome including bonby who wrote to see all

Together that night was the biggest ever luckett’s ex-boyfriend Slim Thug as well as Trey the truth tank and drummer to the Stars thus Dixon all shed love while Michelle Williams herself chimed in writing what God cannot do doesn’t exist in disbelief at what they were seeing one fan commented I almost can’t believe

My eyes while another added and the way that God had kept y’all cuz y’all all look so good won’t he do it haha some fans are still holding out hope for a reunion one that includes all five members I love this so much hard Emoji I

Would be front row for this reunion one fan wrote with a second second writing praying that y’all could work on a Destiny’s Child Reunion the five singers getting back together was one of the highlights of Queen be’s Renaissance concert film though it was a one-off surprise as for a proper Destiny’s Child

Reunion Beyonce’s father Matthew NOS has just as much hope for it as the rest of the group’s fans in an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in may he expressed interest in Beyonce Kelly and Michelle getting back together for new music for the first time since 2005 it’s a decision that the ladies would

Have to make he said and I would certainly certainly support that decision as I still manag Destiny’s Child I would love to see that as well he continued I think the fans will be just Overjoyed overwhelmed and hopefully they do one last time in their career hopefully they

Give us one last album who knows you never know you never say it can’t happen because this is enter mment a lot of things can happen prior to the aforementioned Houston show the last time the ladies performed together was a Beyonce’s headlining Coachella set in 2018 though it only included Williams

And Roland in addition to the Halo

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