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Diddy Broke Kim Porter’s Nose, Ex Bad Boy Member Mark Curry Alleges


Diddy’s legal battles and accusations of worrisome Behavior continue whether from unrelated artists or people close in the bad boy Circle this latest claim comes from the latter Camp specifically former label artist Mark Curry who alleged that the record mobul broke Kim Porter’s nose once while they were together not only

That but these were claims that previously emerged in Shan K’s former bodyguard genan Deal’s interview with the art of dialogue who asked Curry about it in the first place in addition his former s claimed that he also wiretapped Porter’s phone which was another bad sign of controlling behavior

And rampant jealousy busted her nose Man Mark Curry said of Diddy and Kim Porter it was all insecurities anytime a man would go out of his way to wiretap someone’s phone or put TAPS in their home just to monitor their conversations that’s a sign of insanity so when you see someone doing

That you can imagine everything else they do what do you think he’s gone do if he found her on the phone talking to someone or feels that she’s cheating on him with somebody sleeping with his girl what you think he’s gone say I caught

You I heard this nah he going to come in it’s going to be a fight I think he’s very capable of doing it Mark Curry added regarding the multiple lawsuits against Diddy it’s in his character that’s who he is that’s what comes with power that’s what comes with

Arrogance that’s what comes with what makes him that’s the selfishness that makes you be like that he’s being humbled right now it took a long time it takes a long time to Humble an arrogant person meanwhile other figures in Puff Daddy’s life who spoke out against him during this time either left social

Media altogether or haven’t found the audience and reach they probably wanted of course it’s impossible to tell what’s going to Captivate people and what people are going to ignore in this case we can only hope that this doesn’t all get swept under the rug without Fair scrutiny for more news and the latest

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