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DJ Envy has taken his car show rivalry with Rick Ross up a notch by pulling the MMG mogul’s longtime Foe 50 Cent into the feud following several exchanges on social media over their competing car shows in the coming weeks The Breakfast Club co-host attempted to rile up Rosie

On Sunday night May 21st by posting a photo of him hanging out with his good friend fif at a restaurant in his Instagram caption Envy quoted Drake’s sneering verse from Rick Ross 2012 hit stay scheming while reclaiming the Florida rappers beige rage insult as a hashtag it bothers me

When the gods get to acting like the broads guess every team doesn’t come complete with n gas like ours that’s why I see no need to compete with n gas like y’all he wrote Queens get the money at Branson cognac at lechem inderoy at 50 Cent hashtag car

Show season hashtag bygridge DJ Envy’s post was met with mixed reactions though as some fans dismissed it as a soft move he needed backup crying face emojis soft light skin move one person wrote in the comments section while another put Ross ain’t never backed down from 50 crying

Face emojis go get someone else others however were left eagerly awaiting a response from Rick Ross wait till Ross wake up he gonna drive them cars around that yard in circles all day talking read one comment the Pear’s spat began last week when Ross declared during an appearance on

Nore and DJ efn’s drink Champs the Envy was never on my level when it comes to hosting car shows he seemingly further shaded the radio host by deriding other car shows that are attended by domestic vehicle owners only and where winners are awarded the 50 plastic trophy

DJ Envy fired back on The Breakfast Club Days Later by mocking Rosie’s permit issues regarding his second annual car show which is set to take place on June 3rd at his sprawling Promised Land estate in Fayetteville Georgia my car show in Memphis is still going down at

The same venue same place Envy said with a smirk while plugging his own upcoming car shows it is May 28th in Memphis we’re going to have cars from Young Dolph 50 Cent key Glock and myself and then Houston we doing it at the same venue we not moving at the NRG Stadium

As well the drive your dreams car show Father’s Day weekend after catching wind of his response Ross applied pressure on Envy to donate all the proceeds from his Memphis Car Show to Young Dolph’s family while warning him to bow down beige boy the Queen’s New York native hit back by

Digging up a story from 2019 about Rick Ross renting out his Georgia mansion on Airbnb while also calling the majority of the vehicles at his car show trash things became even more personal when Rosie dragged Envy’s family into the feud requesting his girlfriend and children clean his swimming pool DJ

Envious you my cupcake a not gone mop this till you mop my floors he taunted in a series of Instagram Story videos you’ve been a great co-host on the Charlemagne the God show you can come and mop my floors mop this marble out of respect he continued you just gave me a good

Idea I just told the people who are coming to clean up my pool to hold on because I said envy and his seven sons can come over here y’all can handle this pool for the pool party July 2nd and envy out of respect and love for you that part of

The pool I’m saving that just for your girlfriend and her little Baddies DJ envious you just started a pool cleaning service cause you got a job you work I’m kind of confused you talking to a boss and you got a job that you got to report to

Don’t get fired by that white man as for Rick Ross and 50 Cent things have cooled off since their beef reached fever pitch in the late 2000s but the pairs still find time to throw Jabs at each other every now and again most recently the richer than I ever been

Rapper took aim at fifth in 2021 by sarcastically congratulating him on his reported earnings from his hit Stars series BMF man I saw the first episode I was just trying to support the homie meech the end gas in the street he told GQ when asked about the show

I could put my issues with 50 to the side I know he may have made a quarter million off the whole season I’m happy he made that quarter make sure you put all these details in I’ll never let you interview me again if you take that out keep it

But look I know he made 250 000 off the whole season and that’s good tell him I said congratulations

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