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DMX’s Son Plays X Gon’ Give It To Ya On Piano For Rapper’s Birthday


Happy birthday to the late great and forever legendary DMX who would have turned 53 years old today Monday December 18th his legacy remains thriving and perseverant whether thanks to his collaborators in the music industry or the love of his family for example the rapper former fiance Desiree lindstorm

Recently shared a clip of their son 7-year-old Exodus playing the piano in particular he covered his father’s iconic Smash Hit exgon giving TOA playing the opening brass hits on the keys it was overall a very wholesome moment to witness especially on this special day in which X fans worldwide are celebrating his indelible

Contributions to the culture furthermore folks within the rap game have often looked back at his days working amongst the greats even if some of it was contentious for example Styles P recently recalled how DMX dis jaw rule on his 1998 cut we don’t give AF asterisk asteris k he the song was about

Jaw he told The Breakfast Club you didn’t know that X and jaw having beef they was dogs he’s in it I’m in it with him y’all had to know that listen to the lyrics DMX’s son honors his father on the piano watch meanwhile Swiss beats recently recounted how he and DMX

Crafted party up it worked for DMX one time with party up he told Rema in a rolling stone hosted talk but if you listen to it he does everything against the track like you could tell he didn’t want to do the song but I forced him because we was on a

Deadline still they ended up creating what the producer called the biggest song they ever made and an iconic rap song to get down to in other news there’s also plenty of good times that the New York Legends family have had with these figures for one Swiss beats

And his family linked up with some of the late MC’s children for a vacation together the footage of which was heartwarming as long as hip hop is alive he will be one of its most celebrated and impactful figures for more news and the latest updates on the Divine Master of the UN

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