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Drake Sparks Feud with Rick Ross After Allegedly Seducing Cristina Mackey


In a shocking turn of events Drake has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy this time with rapper Rick Ross the feud escalated quickly after Rick Ross unfollowed Drake on Instagram and teamed up with Kendrick Lamar to throw shade at the Canadian artist however Drake’s retaliation took

The drama to a whole new level when he reportedly got involved with ross’ ex-girlfriend Christina Macky the situation took a messy turn as Drake allegedly planned to link up with not only Mackey but also Ross’s ex-wife Tia kilometer adding fuel to the fire km recently exposed Ross for allegedly

Trash talking Drake to her during their relationship painting a picture of long-standing animosity between the two rappers this isn’t the first time Drake and Rick Ross have clashed their Feud dates back to 2015 during the intense rap beef between Drake and Meek Mill Rick Ross seemingly siding with Meek

Mill threw shots at Drake and his song color money prompting a response from Drake in his track West and Road flows however rumors of a Reconciliation surfaced in 2016 when it was speculated that Drake and Rick Ross had a private meeting to settle their differences this apparent truce led to

Collaborations between the two artists suggesting that their beef was water under the bridge yet recent events have reignited the feud between Drake and Rick Ross Drake’s decision to allegedly seduce macki coupled with Ross’s unfollowing on Instagram and support of Kendrick Lamar’s disc towards Drake has escalated tensions to new heights Drake’s

Retaliation didn’t stop there he reportedly flew Macky out to one of his shows providing her with a VIP experience and publicly flaunting their connection this move was seen as a direct jab at Rick Ross especially considering the messy nature of his breakup with Mackie in response Rick

Ross posted a video of himself vibing to Kendrick Lamar’s verse further fueling the feud and making his disdain for Drake evident the situation took an unexpected turn when Tia km ross’ ex-wife went live and exposed Ross for allegedly speaking ill of Drake during their relationship cm’s Revelation shed light

On Ross’s alleged jealousy towards Drake suggesting that the feud May stem from personal animosity rather than just professional rivalry with tensions running high and emotions flaring it remains to be seen how this Feud will unfold in the coming days as fans speculate on the true nature of Drake and Rick Ross’s Feud one

Thing is clear this drama is far from over whether it’s jealousy rivalry or simply pettiness the ongoing feud between Drake and Rick Ross has captured the attention of the hip-hop world and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon

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