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Dwight Howard Seeks Dismissal Of Stephen Harper Lawsuit


Dwight Howard has filed a motion seeking a pre-trial dismissal of the lawsuit brought against him by Steven Harper Howard’s motion calls Harper’s alleged assault consensual Additionally the motion also states that the lawsuit is frivolous and born of unrequited love on the part of Harper furthermore Howard and his legal

Team accused Harper’s attorneys of submitting doct text messages as evidence this came after Harper’s team filed previously unseen text messages to the court in short the totality of the text messages between Mr Howard and Mr Harper make it abundantly clear that Mr Harper’s claims are frivolous that he

Was a willing participant in the events of July 19th 2021 and the early morning hours of July 20th 2021 and that the touching of his person had been invited by him more importantly the explicit messages not only show consent but also that Mr Harper was initiating some of

The sexual contact Mr Harper not only invited the initial experience but tried to initiate a second encounter because the first was so enjoyable Howard’s motion read in part the court has yet to rule on the motion what is Dwight Howard accused of doing Howard has been accused

Of sexually assaulting a man at his home Howard has formally denied sexually assaulting model Steven Harper however he did not deny inviting Harper to his home for a threesome which allegedly involved a crossdress named Kitty furthermore Harper alleges that he was forced to perform sexual acts on Howard and that Howard performed

Non-consensual acts on him after he objected to participating in the activity furthermore allegations of Howard’s predatory behavior have been corroborated in the months following the Harper’s lawsuit he goes to sex parties and prays on younger men that is why he originally why he threatened forced and tried to intimidate me into signing a

NDA in influencer and author Mason elig wrote on social media additionally elij claimed that they had also been harassed by Kitty in 2018 It is believed that is the same crossdresser that Howard used in an attempted threesome with model Steven

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