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Eazy The Block Captain Seemingly Confirms Remy Ma Affair In Alleged Leaked Audio


Over the summer gii Gotti accused Remy Ma of cheating on Papoose with EAS the block captain during a rap battle sparking a great deal of controversy rumors even swirled that Papoose and EAS got into a fight at the event though they’ve since denied this matters were only made worse when Tasha

K came forward in September claiming to have receips to prove Remy Ma’s alleged infidelity she came through with a photo of Remy appearing to enjoy a dinner date with easy accusing her of sleeping with the help now another battle rapper who goes by John John de dawn has shared a

New audio snippet which appears to contain an admission in the snippet a voice that sounds like easy the block Captain claims to have had an affair with Remy though it remains unconfirmed at the time of writing whether or not it’s him speaking easy the block Captain

Claims audio is edited yo we was F asterisk King with each other the man says in the snippet she was cheating on inaudible such and and such whatever happened I should have known me being an F asteris King New York me being at REM John I know I’m F asterisk King hisb asterisk

TCH I knew this and asterisk asterisk asterisk I should have been plotting on me because I would have been doing the same thing John John shared the audio on his Instagram page earlier this week prompting a response from Easy the block Captain you really dropped an edited

Recording on me easy commented under the since deleted clip though her relationship drama continues Remy Ma appears intent on kicking off the new year on the right foot sharing an uplifting message with followers last week your presence is a gift how many of y’all walking into 2024 hitting that

Access denied button # Remy Ma # remines # big Bronx she wrote what do you think of the alleged audio of easy the block Captain what about rumors that Remy Ma cheated on Papoose share your thoughts and the comment section down below

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