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Eddy Kenzo Stop Being Selfish, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya is Bigger Than Him- James Propa


In the next 200 years to come while Eddie kenzo’s name the moment yeah five years later foreign what happened to you Mr mususa what happened to you foreign foreign foreign buraza watukawa yeah Africa Africa Africa on streaming education my friend Grammys by the way is nothing Graham is don’t tell us Grammy

Rhematina Grammy remember top streamed African artist kusawei no 38 million streamers do they think because he’s full of himself because against what happened foreign he was living in himself statistics fine you know social media YouTube YouTube computer ideas it is foreign To them too many figures at that time foreign chose to sing born in Africa foreign while Eddie kenzo’s name the moment yeah five years later music one is YouTube emotions social media Foreign even after 400 years foreign is it a Fairground is it a Fairgrounds is it fair so it is not a fair comparison so one of the easiest things one is to realize I understand cancer was under pressure for the good interests because fine is after 10 years

So these things are possible Netflix so if you didn’t make it but you know foreign there are people silently out there um but producers people that are never celebrated um what happened to you Mr mususa what happened to you guys um foreign um foreign foreign yeah I’m already relatively new money yeah

So it is not by your intelligence because foreign foreign area Africa Africa Africa on streaming um daddy Moon oh yeah because my friend Grammys by the way grab me grab me just make it okay is nothing gram is don’t tell us Grammy Grammy run my top streamed African artist kusaweno 38 million streamers

Streamers computer is a community average very big song africa-wide foreign just two years before stairs and because um so but on the African continent he is as small as any other Uganda artist he is as lonely he is as small as Sheba as Ronald mayinja as Jonathan because statistics yes

Two years old in the industry Um is full of himself because again foreign foreign whoa Kansas University God forbid um Christmas season yes foreign foreign Uganda um foreign Foreign what the publishing videos family videos YouTube families videos foreign Foreign I mean that is the Strategic quality that you give the reason I give respect um please come out it is never too late it is never too late he just needs to set the record straight direct yeah foreign [Laughter] Foreign [Applause] More food is what is yeah by the way Um info is by the way um Silva [Laughter] yes cancel then I’m gonna have a gym content Africa uh generation doing a generation [Laughter] um [Laughter] um challenge [Laughter] Um foreign talented Johnny Johnny We know thank you foreign Otherwise chica um foreign [Laughter] generational um [Applause] [Laughter] music National Basketball Association um foreign foreign the video now or somebody together intent of the creator intent of the creator uh foreign foreign foreign Diana garbage um just study Yesterday atandica music career yeah starting a music careers viola my name is Malawi foreign Um In Sweden a recording album yeah in Africa yeah so we are recording the what is Sweden um some aspects born in Africa as the album title so uh Olympics Nigerian artists albana album well one of the greatest musicians of Africa okay um music cut it he was a very strong passer

Or influential in the video not born in Africa um little boss yes [Laughter] I don’t know crossing the generations 20 years back um it’s um Foreign foreign Beyond irrevocable standards it’s beyond the revocable standards it’s once Generations foreign foreign Foreign your social media you’re so familiar with the old one let’s take it yes together that was just part of you now yes how do we get it yeah Grammys are denominated in the category of the best globality performance our South Africa mobile um with no doubt okay and with due respect okay

He deserves all the praise yes yes it up wow [Applause] [Laughter] so he deserves the praise he deserves the praise together yasuka Video it is so damage so together so um [Laughter] um very honest to be very honest is one guy between um Gamba [Applause] connection we have food day foreign foreign [Laughter] hmm okay I want to accept um foreign he gives respect our respect to one extent yes and believe me you

Eddie Kenzo in kakasa um how strong feed a bongo retire is to the industry one two to the country Uganda because no one will ever outsmart his creativity Uganda is a Christmas to Christmas um okay eras eh over a medium Generations foreign tips Uganda Italian yes now foreign you know yes foreign foreign [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] foreign Foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign kakati Ables objectives um number numbers foreign foreign foreign retired in cinemasi Governor yes foreign YouTube channel foreign today um goodness Foreign foreign foreign oh my God you see questions for me foreign foreign foreign foreign [Laughter] First of all ah in most cases straight security because one which is technology the circumstances foreign if we are going to have a logical conversation on who is better statistics there’s a statistics numbers don’t lie numbers don’t lie in context A number over statistics context YouTube knows 1995. computer foreign foreign 1985 um foreign no it is nowhere to be seen foreign foreign this is the sad fact of this generation is foreign type that’s why everybody is Auntie yes fine yeah

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  1. @atlastibelong8015 says

    Youtube started in 2005 not 1995 FYI JP

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    High five en thanks for duh show…Diaz wa me

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