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Engagements – How Long Is Too Long?


One seven four one four seven one eight one eight okay well now engagement engagement affair together it was 10th may last year 11th 11th yes 11th may last year um bachelorette of foreign that caller engagement and it was fun yeah it was fun it was a surprise uh barbudin

By they told me experience kathy one of my friends alien yeah the day before she had told me i took a process i sat for almost 30 minutes boom i landed too then get drinked how did you feel good i felt good mama Because to me um most of my friends have binary binary relationship problems how did he impact you did he have to go impact caesar didn’t did he impact your friends of course be my friends but i think the biggest number they were happy they were very very happy okay so butter bubba bro

Know and um but i already decided to move on but no i need i need to give up on fake love i need to give up on fake friends i need to give up on fake life which take it i need to live a real life simple life Yes okay so like to me i would say sequoyah they would but at least to us to a bigger extent but yeah she already accepted oli will she already accepted unless unless otherwise when is that right time i don’t think it has a right time the time i would say is together

You’ve seen yourselves for two months and guarantee she’s so endeavor for two months so to me i would say that yeah responsibilities With the big boys you need to man up and own those responsibilities and think first logarithmic then the rest is history for me look at what you wanted mostly again to want somewhere engaged the second process is um Products please subscribe to this channel share this video we have lots and lots of things we’re going to share with you to suvida anytime mommy now by the way We shall be inviting lots of people so better channel films we are creating more more more content for you thank you so much endeavor to go to xavier harbour products my name is um daddy zeus today happy birthday happy half year birthday to arizona zeus malaysia um You

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