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Eyaayokyebwa Abalongo Kati Musanyufuu, Emboozi Ya Vitiligo Waluse Daphine


You can share it with any person actually [Laughter] um Oh um um um What’s happening so yeah you choose to you know not totally terrifying really the differently for me here um hmm yes like she accepted it so neymar and um Um very expensive one in uganda um currently twina founders drff disability rights fund uh kobanga bit lego budget it is considered a disability rosita still motagona yes yes in whichever way that they can support us making sure that this office stays running yes which is also counseling sessions yes it’s very very important

Okay um society yes so okay every game before we close up this interview um yes [Laughter] um because she’s really really a strong lady mama Okay before we close up this session um come next saturday yes and make it a point in life in life Thank you

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  1. @BPEnglish. says

    I don't care if she has VITILIGO or not, one thing I know for a fact is that she's damn beautiful with a great personality….

  2. @puffsollo1210 says

    Mukama asigala yemukama

  3. @okeywine1303 says

    Webale kutuwanga work Mr. Tintah

  4. @johoik148 says


  5. @frontarmy8371 says

    Tusigala ekitibwa tukiza wamukama

  6. @ritahnash8790 says


  7. @kanaug2968 says

    Sounds grt

  8. @shonuntil4671 says

    Engalo ezamanyi zidde Eri mukama

  9. @richardkaliba2342 says

    Awo wempanikira buli kimu nenkizΓ  Eri Jehovah

  10. @allmovies1791 says

    Doctor Iyhere on youtube is the best herbal Dr. He cured me with his herbal medication and now I have no single white patches on my skinβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  11. @benamm9283 says

    Thank you for sharing sis

  12. @gimmeradio2353 says

    VITILIGOz are all human we need to support them

  13. @kirabosalom6179 says

    Ekyo ekirwadde ne Maiko Jackson kyeyalina ne tumusalako ebigambo ekyuma kyamufumba bambi

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