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Faizon Love Criticizes Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay Interview, Suggests a Plea for Help


Cat Williams appearance on Shannon Sharps Club Shay podcast has made countless headlines over the past couple of days for the comedians wild takes on several of his celebrity peers he went in on Ricky Smiley Kevin Hart Diddy and many more the viral interview has earned quite a few responses from those he

Dissed the most recent one coming from fellow comedian faas and love in a new clip faas and tears into Williams claiming that none of his comments made sense it’s hard to address lunacy and hypocrisy and downright ignorance he begins but it’s so funny how many people

Think this D asterisk MB St asterisk P mother Fisk C is spitting truth but that’s the internet I guess you guys want to believe in something so bad he goes on to suggest that Williams controversial comments might have actually been a plea for help FaZe and love discusses Cat Williams viral Club

Sh Shay interview listen to what he’s saying he’s actually calling for help he explains he’s calling for help none of the sh asteris T he says lines up with nothing during Williams interview he called faas and love out for claiming that getting a Netflix special is easy

Williams noted that while he has 12 of them faasen has none he also called anyone doubting that he puts other comedians on a fat fasan liar fasan is far from the only person to call Williams comments into question amid the Fallout from his Club Shay appearance however on NBA unplugged last night

Kevin Hart addressed his industry plant accusations firing back with a simple response do you entertain the circus or do you watch it he asked what do you think of and loves take on Cat Williams viral Club Shay appearance do you agree with him share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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