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Fredo Bang Condemns Vandals Targeting Friend’s Gravesite


Fredo bang took to Instagram this weekend to call out folks who vandalized his friend Garrett J Burton’s gravite and left it broken and in ruin I want one of you T asterisk asterisk and asterisk asterisk asterisk as to claim this he wrote on his story with a

Picture of the Damage Done it’s quite the disrespectful cruel and Karma inducing move and one that is always horrible to see amid feuds and rivalries in any sense the yes I’m sad MC has already gone through a lot when it comes to losing loved ones and so this must

Feel like an extra gut punch no matter the passage of time still you are probably more familiar with some of Fredo bangs more of lwd or gossip related Admissions and social media moves for example a rumor recently went viral that he paid Jada Kingdom and Asian doll a whopping $35,000 for sexual

Relations the Baton Rouge rapper denied this outright although he is known on social media to be a big supporter of sex worker via only fans this is something he’s not shy about at all despite how many fans either clown this Behavior or use it to Define His Image

Fredo bang calls out bandal of friends gravite elsewhere though Fredo bang also has plenty of bonds and rumors to address within the rap game particularly his former collaborators during a recent interview with Vlad TV he told DJ Vlad that he thinks his beef with NBA young boy damaged his relationship with Rod wave

Who is now one of wb’s closest collaborators and Industry peers the 27-year-old clarified that he doesn’t like to make people pick sides or pick them himself if he isn’t personally involved but this does Mark an opportunity for the three to let things be water under the bridge meanwhile he

Will keep crushing on his Muses in the rap game like coer a no matter what her dad benino says elsewhere Fredo will also keep supporting the family of his Fallen friends too and defending their memory hopefully no other disrespectful acts like this affect other rappers in

2024 as it’s a trend that needs stamping out for more news and the latest updates on freedo

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