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Fulham vs Arsenal Preview Probable Lineups, Prediction, Tactics, Team News & Key Stats


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Get the latest all right uh today we’re gonna be talking about um the match between uh Fulham and Arsenal um the probable lineup predictions tactics team news and the key statistics uh the title chasing Arsenal will make the show journey across London for a game versus a Fulham who hope to revive

Their championships Marco Silva will look for a response after the David uh to uh Bradford last week and in the arrival uh five uh gold a land and Derby the result so Fulham whose next game is versus Arsenal in their seven game unbeaten run but the manager who will

Take the positives as a side Squad in a sixth straight game there was plenty of speculations about how full are made fair in the key Midfield Joanne Paulina as absence and the result was not good the Portuguese midfielder will miss the Arsenal Clash but he’s replaced his replacement sassa look

Good uh easily seen a second booking against Bradford Fulham have managed to collect an impressive 39 points this campaign after the 26 games they are with a shouting range of uh European finish with silver hoping to keep momentum and make it into the Europa League there are plenty of

Challenges ahead as a Brighton uh Brighton and Bradford posed the challenge to their Continental Ambitions the Emirates erupted with joy last Saturday when uh Nelson dramatic stoppage win uh found the back of the net Arsenal trailed Bournemouth by two goals around the 68 minute goes from Thomas party Ben White and Nelson struck

The insured mic altitles maintained a five-point lead and became one of the winners of the game week 26th so this weekend it will be the Manchester just to turn the heat to National and uh looking at the team news Mark uh when we head to uh Fulham Marcus

Uh Marco Silva confirmed he did not have a fresh injury concerned with his Squad follow-up will be without key midfielder Joanne or into a suspicion on loan Defender Cedric sauce will remain in illegible to face his uh parent Club so this is the lineup between Arsenal and um

Under Fulham when you check on your screen you’ll see uh a four two three one this is just a probable lineup yes this is just a probable lineup we are expecting Leno Leno in the goal tete Diop Rema Robinson read Luke William perelli Solomon and Metro metrovik yes we expecting Metro traffic metropic

Oh my God the name is okay um Mankato will assess his players before the game before making his selection decision to at the Fulham game the squad has a few illness issues with uh Thierry uh Martin underground Fabio Valero all suffering from the bag while very uh very studied against

Spotting a CP in the midweek the other two could recover in time for Sunday The party is Midfield and it is midweek game in a force nine role he may get the note to start in the similar position against Fulham Emily Smith Roy could also starting the attack after the midweek

Camel Nelson also has a chance to start with a data fields Valeria ultimate are not fit for the attacking role Arsenal still have learned this uh and Eddie and kanty are messing with their injuries and they may not partake against a Fulham Gabriel Jesus continues on his

Road to recovery while Muhammad El ni remained sidelined with a long time issue but that may make several key changes from the midweek team and he will name his strongest team to face Fulham Thomas party Odegaard could come in the Midfield while Abdul mangales and Aaron ramsdale

Who will turn to the side so for arsenal we are expecting uh 433 uh for 33 lineup and uh this is the lineup for arsenal when you check on the screen this is what we think will be the Arsenal’s Elena four three three ramsdale Ben White Saliba Gabriel zichenko

Odegaard party zaka Saka Martinelli and Smith Rowell and uh some of the key statistics you should uh have in mind when we’re heading to this game Fulham have lost only uh one of their last eight games in all competitions Fulham have scored 26 percent of their goals from the corners uh the highest

Percentage of any team in the Top Flight Arsenal have won seven and lost none of their Premier uh nine Premier League matches against Fulham arson have won their last four matches in the Premier League Arsenal have scored at least three goals in the last three hour matches against Fulham in all

Competitions a player should watch is a Thomas party my prediction for the game is uh one two Fulham one Arsenal two Fulham have uh scored in the last six games and in interest increasingly showing good attacking form in our competitions and uh we hope to me and the people I think we should

Give Arsenal a 2-1 uh win over Fulham thank you for Subs um for watching this video please subscribe to this channel as early as you can so that you don’t miss out on the latest information that is coming in from the wall of sport and entertainment my name is tinta thank you

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