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GloRilla Flaunts New Chest In Barely There Crop Top


Gorilla’s recent outfit Choice a scooped crop top and styled pants struggled to contain the impressive results of her recent breast enhancement surgery glow did a little twirl for the camera showcasing her much more prominent chest furthermore the Memphis rapper was sure to add a little risk to her interactions

With the camera glow recently confirmed the surgical procedure bluntly asking y’all like my new tea Ties on a recent live stream however unsurprisingly glow has gotten some bad basketball for her choice another one falls to the pressures of the industry crying face crying face crying face she ain’t even

Need to do that woman face palming medium skin tone one person lamented on Instagram they look like they don’t belong on her added another despite the hate glow seems pretty happy with her new look and at the end of the day it’s her body to do with what she wants

Glorilla has adorable reaction to meeting Mike Tomlin however while sex sells it’s not glows only personality trait the Memphis rapper had an adorable reaction back in October when meeting Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin upon seeing Tomlin she practically sprinted at him in order to give him a big hug as he tried to

Introduce himself glow quickly cut Tomlin off to eagerly say yes I know who you are just as quickly Tomlin replied and I know who you are the video was just all kinds of heartwarming despite being born and raised in Memphis glow apparently has big love for the coach who has led the

Steelers since 2007 Tomlin is originally from Virginia but has an extensive coaching history his coaching Journey took him through VMI Memphis Arkansas State and Cincinnati at the college level before he jumped to the NFL in 2001 after positional stints with Tampa Bay and Minnesota Tomlin landed his first head coaching gig with the

Steelers Tomlin has won two super bowls with the in 2003 and with the Steelers in 2009

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