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GloRilla Teases New Music with a Classic Memphis Sound, Drawing Excitement from Fans


Glorilla fans are excited about her forthcoming music after the Memphis rapper shared a little preview of what she’s working on taking to her Instagram story on Monday January 8th glow posted a snippet of a new song that finds her in the pocket of the classic Memphis Sound taking inspiration from Juicy J’s

Yaho tagline but instead changing it to Y glow y glow stomp a little ho in some Shell Toes SL glow slapping rap and making bail ho SL glow two-tone cardier match the nails ho SL glow no competition these stale ho she wraps on the song when the

Snippet was shared on to cool to blog fans had High Praise in the comment section glow go crazy one fan wrote while another added sound hard it quite PPL saying sexy took her spot glow is hard a third person said she finally found her Lane while even Jay C manager

Ibrahim commented this sound hard glorilla has been working steadily on new music and recently revealed she has not one but two new projects on the way in an interview with NFL City Life last month the tomorrow 2 rapper revealed that she’s been in the studio heavy I’m

Always working on some new work she said to Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver George Pickins I’m working on a project right now two different projects they gone be live one of them is a collab and then the next one like my first debut album glorilla didn’t say when the projects

Would be released nor who the collaborative effort would be with however in a more recent update glow also revealed she’s being a simp in her new music in response to a fan who wrote listening to gorilla non-stop in the car she hate Eng gas as much as I do in

Adjacent news glorilla went a fabulous last month following his comments on the current state of female rappers offering a critique of her male counterparts music back in July Fab took to social media to criticize what he thinks has become a one-dimensional approach claiming that women in Hip Hop have

Limited range for the most part the Brooklyn native wrote on his Instagram story I love hearing female rappers talking some real women are so strong have so many stories and perspectives that we need to hear in pure form he added no disrespect to any female rappers out there but I think

There’s only one style of female rap being promoted programmed and looked at as successful now glorilla responded to the comments in a gqq cover story published in mid December challenging the critique by pointing out the negativity in male rappers content as she said what men rap about killing robbing cars money females

Rapping about the same she continued but guess what we’re not killing we’re not in gangs we’re not robbing that’s what men be doing what we doing we’re sitting pretty we’re popping our we’re hustling we’re getting money we so we rap about what

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