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Gunna Teases New Music in 2024, Fans Eager for His Return


As the year transitioned from 2023 to 2024 it got a lot of rap fans thinking about who they hope to hear from this year fans of spotify’s rap javar playlist were thinking the same thing after social media from the playlist asking them to a rapper who needs to

Drop in 2024 G to pulled up in the comment section of the post talking about somebody he wants to drop this year himself check out his comment on the post below Gunna didn’t just at himself in his comment but he also said soon tasing fans with the promise of

More music on the way zna has been relatively quiet since dropping his new album a gift and a curse earlier this year the project marked his first release since cutting a plea deal in the high profile Ys Alo case across the album he wrapped about the allegations

Of snitching he faced since taking the deal despite that the album performed quite well and resulted in fukuman one of the biggest rap hits of 2023 GNA has new music on the way since then GNA has only appeared on a few features he joined producer turbo for his single

Bachelor a few months ago the pair have worked together on Turbo’s official music before they collaborated on the hit song quarantine clean back in 2020 which also featured Young Thug their new collaboration Bachelor has already racked up more than 12 million streams on Spotify alone since it dropped last

Month one of gun’s former collaborators may have taken another shot at him Lil Baby made a reference to rats during a performance in early December many interpreted that as a direct shot at GNA the duo made the Smash Hit drip too hard back in 2018 as part of a full

Collaborative album what do you think of Denna potentially dropping new music in 2024 are you excited about a potential new album from him let us know in the comment section below

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