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Halle Bailey & DDG Are All Smiles In Sweet New Couple Photo


Hallie Bailey ddg are all smiles in sweet new couple photo just a few months ago it looked as though Halle Bailey and ddg might be calling it quits around Valentine’s Day rumors began Brewing about trouble in Paradise which were only made worse by the YouTuber’s ex Ruby Rose sharing alleged receipts of

Their interesting DMs he went on to write a song about the situation called way too Petty before also addressing all of the gossip in a video on his channel you’ll know me deep down and you’ll know I’m a good en Gaga I always been positive ain’t that right

Ddg reminded his fans regardless of how messily things played out on social media he and Bailey appear to have worked through their problems they attended Gucci’s Runway presentation during Milan Fashion Week at the end of February and have since made several appearances on each other’s social media profiles

On Friday April 28th an image of the young lovers smiling together in a luscious Green Park began circulating online proving that they look happier than ever after a few weeks of turmoil while ddg kept it casual in a white tea and black pants The Little Mermaid actress brought in some sunshine with

Her outfit donning a bright yellow three-piece set she looks undeniably adorable though the angle the snapshot was taken at her some internet sleeves speculating about pregnancy I’m not gonna say it or even ask one of the most liked comments on the post reads proving that many are seeing the same thing

Everyone saying pregnant LMAO maybe she bloated damn face with tears of joy face with tears of joy faced with tears of joy someone else wrote it seems highly unlikely that the 23 year old is with child they will wait for her to confirm or deny the speculation herself

Interestingly herbo trolled the world on April Fool’s Day with a pregnancy announcement initially shocking some into believing that he and the Atlanta native are actually starting a family together if the rumors are untrue now perhaps it’s in the cards for them in the future do you think ddg and Holly Bailey are endgame

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