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Hit Boy Overwhelmed by Timbaland’s Praise, Credits Him for Inspirational Impact


Hitboy has received tons of Praise from some of the biggest names in Hip Hop and Beyond but a shout out from one of his Heroes seems to have stood out to him more than the rest on Monday January 1st the All-Star producer posted a video of

His father big hit working out while his latest music video with the game played on a television screen in front on him DJ Premiere Meek Mill and Paul Wall among others hopped in the comments section to show the father son do ome love what meant the most to the

36-year-old beat maker however was a compliment from Timberland who wrote this boy producing his ass off putting out his dad the hardest ever screenshotting the comment and his reply to it hitboy re-shared it on Twitter the following day with the caption N I used to practice making beats as a teenager

By biting Timberland and all my other Heroes so this hit different I’m W In The Same Spirit the game took a moment to credit hitboy and his father for helping him Kickstart the year with with a big accomplishment earlier this week the Los Angeles rappers joint project with hit

Booy and big hit went to know one on Apple music’s hip hop slra chart the nine track collaboration came together quickly and the hated or loved hitmaker made it a point to acknowledge the true heroes behind its success woke up to # Paisley dreams being number one on Apple

Music’s hip hop slapchart he wrote in an Instagram post next to several screenshots of his music video with the OG rapper he joined forces with that’s amazing to me given the fact I literally called it hit booy with an idea for one song SOI and at big hit had our issue

Out here in the streets for the real West Coast rap fans that phone call led to me pulling up and doing a nine song tape in 5 to 6 hours with a full video shot by at third as on the same day 12 hours total for a complete project with

A visual he continued at hit booy I tell you all the time how proud of you I am and how much of the super producer you are but you’re far too humble to really see the magnitude of the story you’re creating for yourself you always give me my flowers

And every single time I throw them right back whenever me and you get in the same room we create dope at a speed no one in this industry can keep up with thank you for being you homey and I would say you making your pops proud but

In a gz up twist of fate you both are making each other

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