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Ice Cube Addresses Katt Williams’ Claims Regarding Rickey Smiley and Friday After Next Role


Cat Williams recent appearance on Shannon Sharps glub sh podcast continues to make waves as the comedian Tu a at Several of his peers he dissed Heaven har Diddy ludicrous Cedric the Entertainer and many more at one point in the interview he discussed his role in the film Friday After Next he accused

Ricky Smiley of lying about being originally cast as Money Mike a role that was ultimately given to Williams according to Williams Smiley had a bad attitude on set two he recalls him consistently arguing that the role should have gone to him telling anyone who’d listen Williams claims that he

Even had a contract created stating that he wouldn’t work alongside Smiley again unless he was wearing a dress he went on to note that Smiley’s next movie was first Sunday in which he wears a dress Smiley doesn’t appear to have been too upset by his claims responding with

Nothing but love either way Ice Cube felt the need to address the interview Ice Cube claims Money Mike R was never given to Ricky Smiley in a new clip Ice Cube explains that when recruiting Talent he always tries to cast comedians who he believes are funny and they audition for different roles according

To him Ricky Smiley did give money Mike a try but the role was never given to him they instead decided that he would make the perfect Santa Claus which the time was a role about the same size as Money Mike according to Ice Cube however Williams role in the film expanded once

He stepped into it due to the magic he was able to create when I saw him I just knew that he was perfect for Money Mike he says the role was written but he enhanced it this is why cat was so dope in the movie he was on point what do you

Think of Cat Williams viral Club sh Shay appearance what about Ice Cube’s response to his claims about Ricky Smiley share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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