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Ice Spice Faces Backlash For Controversial Lyric In New Song Snippet


DJ Akademiks, known for his controversial presence on social media and in the music industry, recently shared an unusual encounter involving NBA player Danny Green. The veteran basketball player reportedly slid into Akademiks’ girlfriend’s DMs shortly after winning the NBA Finals with the Toronto Raptors in 2019.

During an episode of The Facto Show, Akademiks detailed the incident, expressing his frustration over Green’s actions, especially since his girlfriend responded to the NBA player. Seizing the opportunity, Akademiks decided to retaliate by going after Green’s wife, Blair Bashen, and sent her a message, stating, “Listen, your husband is tryna get my girl, so I need you. What’s up? Let’s swap it out.”

In response, Danny Green’s wife denied the allegations, leading Akademiks to emphasize his point, saying, “If you don’t believe me, go check his phone because I got it on the other end. Don’t mess with my girl.”

The incident adds another chapter to DJ Akademiks’ history of involvement in peculiar situations. Fans are left with mixed reactions, questioning the appropriateness of Akademiks’ response and contemplating the reasons behind his frequent involvement in such scenarios.

Share your thoughts on DJ Akademiks’ story about Danny Green’s attempt to contact his girlfriend. Do you think Akademiks handled the situation appropriately by retaliating? Why do you think he finds himself in these unusual situations? How would you have reacted in his position? Share your opinions in the comments section below

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