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Ja Rule Announces $100 Million Label Deal and Plans to Build School in Ghana


Yaru has a lot of exciting things to look forward to this year and has decided to share his wealth with those in need the NYC native has another album on the way is gearing up for a tour and just signed a major new label deal according to him the deal is potentially

Worth a whopping $100 million but he doesn’t plan to keep it all to himself the hitmaker recently tick to Twitter to announce that he’ll be building a school in GNA sometime in the near future he expressed how eager he is to officially get started on the project though he’s

Yet to specify a timeline I’m also building a school in GNA can’t wait to go and break ground he wrote earlier this week rule love the kids this isn’t the first time Yu has put his hard-earned money towards better education either yahu eager to break ground in GNA back in 2022 he donated

$25 Zero from the sales of the painted House’s first nft to HBCU Partners icon media which he also founded match the donation the money was split equally going to Jackson State University Morgan State University Hampton University Spelman College and morouse college while yaru plans to get back in

2024 he also recently shared a few words of advice for critics in the new year on Twitter explaining why hating is not the way to go thanks for the love and to the haters Zak my D asterisk asterisk K he began here’s what’s needed to be understood for 24 hate Is for Suckers

Andy asterisk CK riding is not a form of transportation M it’s getting you nowhere stop being goofy and get money that’s what yah thinks what do you think of Y Ru sharing that he plans to build a school in Gana are you looking forward to hearing his new album share your

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1 Comment
  1. @uthmanabiolu4497 says

    Thanks ja rule for your plans for motherland.
    I hope other brothers will follow suit.

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