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Jack Harlow’s Lovin On Me Returns to #1 on Hot 100 as Christmas Songs Fade


After a month of many of the biggest hitss being slid down the Hot 100 by Christmas music it’s finally beginning to fade as Christmas songs fall off the chart this week numerous songs are taking massive leaps back up the charts Jack Carlos Lovin on me was the last

Non-christmas song to top the charts in early December the song managed to stick around in the top 10 every single week despite the influx of holiday tunes and this week it returned to the very top spot El where near the top of the charts are similar songs making big leaps

Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer and Tate mccrae’s greedy jump 17 and 21 spots respectively to get back into the top three DOA cat landc two songs in the top 10 with paint the town red at number four and Agora Hills at number 10 both songs jumped up 26 spots on the chart to

Hit their current spot breakthrough R&B star Tyla also scored a new Peak for her song water which turns up at number seven check out the full top 10 of the Hot 100 below Jack Carlo back at number one earlier this month Jack harlo shared an entirely new kind of live experience

With his fans he teamed up with meta for the virtual reality concert no place like home the experience let fans get a front row seat to one of haro’s shows from the comfort of their home through a virtual reality headset fans who got the chance to see

The show praised it though many shared comments about how they didn’t have virtual reality capabilities last month Jack harlo appeared as a guest on another new single he joined Dave on the lyrical lemonade single all is yellow the fourth new song from the musical outfit what do

You think of Jack haro’s new song Leven on me returning to the top spot on the Hot 100 this week what’s your favorite song in the top 10 of this week’s hot 100 let us know in the comment section below

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