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Jamie Foxx’s Ex Girlfriend Katie Holmes Breaks Silence on Jamie Foxx’s Hospitalization


Kylie Jenner breaks down over Timothy chalamet playing her YouTube Kylie Jenner is losing it right now because Timothy chalamet has reportedly flipped the script on her and ruined her plan to get clout from fake romance rumors I’m glad you know that thank you for knowing that for weeks now rumors have been

Swirling on the internet that Kylie and Timothy are a hot new item however they still haven’t been seen getting close in public and that’s because Kylie’s manager Kris Jenner allegedly planted the romance rumors herself and worked really hard to convince everyone Timothy is pursuing Kylie Jenner strikes

Again I mean that woman is an evil genius she has been checking the temperature she’s been looking for her daughters to get into another high-profile relationship because she knows it’s good for publicity and it’s going to bring attention to their reality show on Hulu and since Timothy initially stayed silent on all these

Speculations fans assumed that he was on board for the showmans however this definitely seems strange because Timothy is an established actor and it’s not like he needs Kylie Jenner’s helped to boost his profile in fact dating Kylie would probably ruin his reputation well guess guess what it now turns out that Timothy

Totally played Kylie and Chris by letting them run their little narrative in the tabloids and meanwhile he was allegedly interested in another girl that looks nothing like Kylie this is Kris Jenner written all over it this is a PR stunt to help Kylie with a comeback after the whole Selena Haley Kylie drama

And after she came back to the internet and acted like nothing happened I’m sorry when you take a look back at Kylie’s relationships the math 8 method Kylie needs a comeback and Timothy xiaomi is her way to do that and if anyone really believes differently I’d be surprised rumors about Kylie Jenner

And Timothy chalamet hooking up first popped up online about two months ago when celeb gossip account demois shared a blind item claiming that multiple sources confirmed Kylie as Timothy’s new girl demoys later shared another anonymous tip claiming that Kylie and Timmy have actually been in items since January several media

Outlets quickly ran with these unfounded rumors and on March 27 page six reported that Kylie and Timothy went on a double date in West Hollywood with Kendall and Bad Bunny there were also reports from Kardashian sources that Kylie was planning to attend Coachella with Timothy and make their romance public

However that didn’t happen and though Kylie and Timothy both attended Coachella at no point were they seen anywhere close to each other but the tabloids just wouldn’t let it go earlier this month TMZ claimed that Kylie’s car was spotted in the driveway of Timothy’s Beverly Hills home but see there’s literally

Zero proof that the car belongs to Kylie after all it’s not like she’s the only person in law who owns a black Range Rover conveniently TMZ didn’t provide any photos of Kylie getting in or out of the car so something’s definitely fishy here also keep in mind that Kris Jenner

Is BFFs with TMZ founder Harvey Levin so whenever you see a story on the card generous on TMZ you can safely assume that Chris approved it will tell you something I have known Kris Jenner for many many

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