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Ludicrous is famed for his iconic music videos but as Jay-Z once told him his outlandish visuals came with a downside during an interview on Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes all the smoke podcast the Atlanta rap Legend reflected on his larger-than-life music videos and revealed HOV once said to him that

They’re the reason he doesn’t get the credit he deserves as an MC it was big but there was a downside to it because even Jay-Z was one of the ones that said you know he don’t think I get the lyrical credit that I deserve because of the visuals Luda said people

Ask me why don’t you think get the credit because I played too Goddamn much that’s what I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way that’s why my name is Ludacris because it’s beyond crazy it’s wild it’s ridiculous he added I like post effects and augmenting reality big ass shoes with

Big ass chains and bobble heads and all that so I get it I can’t be mad at it I just have to show the multi-faceted aspects of myself and I actually love that when asked what his biggest music video budget was Luda admitted that he never quite hit the seven figure Heights that

Contemporaries like Diddy madolery and Wu-Tang Clan did but his most expensive clip still cost an eye-watering amount I want to say like half a mil something like that he answered maybe it inched up to that six hundred thousand dollars but you hear about when Diddy and madolery did the one million dollar videos

It was a couple of those I think Wu-Tang that Triumph video Steve Rifkin said he did a million I never made it to the million category I never wanted to do that but I did about half of that despite never quite getting the credit he deserved on the mic Ludacris earned

Several plaudits for his visuals he was nominated for best rap video at the MTV Video Music Awards four times at the height of his career winning once in 2005 for number one spot and one video of the Year twice at the BET Awards thanks to collaborations with Missy

Elliott One Minute Man and Usher Yeah he was also one of the best-selling rappers of the 2000s topping the billboard 203 consecutive times with 2003’s chicken and beer 2004’s the red light district in 2006 S release therapy while also going 4X Platinum with 2001’s Word of Mouth the disturbing the peace founder connected

With Jay-Z numerous times during this impressive run most notably on Missy Elliott’s One Minute Man remix and I do it for hip-hop alongside Nas the latter of which found Luda reminding fans of his lyrical prowess this my daily devotion the verses stay deeper than the ocean slash so hip-hop

You owe me a promotion slash yeah I do a little boasting and bragging slash what’s all the commotion and nagging about forward slash cause I’m still the champ in the South slash cause rappers get in the booth and I keep dragging them out he spit the accolades continue to roll in for ludicrous

Who earlier this month received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the Fast Furious star was actually inducted in the category of Motion Pictures thanks to his successful acting career Luda held back tears as he gave a speech at a ceremony unveiling his star where he was joined by family and

Supporters including LL Cool J Queen Latifah Vin Diesel and Tyrese no matter what people say I can’t do I will continue to shatter those stereotypes and show people it’s possible in order to make everyone who got me here proud he said because you all Inspire my hard work and

Dedication to receive this star today I’m motivated by Legacy and history this means that I’ve made my mark my own personal history being documented to be amongst these names is just amazing to me I’m just so thankful so getting a star is a statement but be clear about this statement the even

Bigger statement to me is that we are all interconnected he added and I am a culmination of the people who showed up for me today believing in me and pushing me to inspire me so you all be clapping for me all day I’m gonna need y’all to give yourselves a round of applause

Because I’m nothing without you

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