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Joe Budden Confesses Jay Z Conflict Wasn't Something He Handled Well


Jay-Z and Joe Button have had a pretty complicated collaborative history across the past 20 or so years moreover you might know the rumors that HOV wanted to charge button $250,000 for a guest verse which the latter himself admitted that he couldn’t confirm or deny however now he has a different

Admission about how he handled the rockefella boss becoming the head of Joe’s label de jam and the rift that this relationship caused between them furthermore he explained this on the pivot pod cast recently and broke down why he probably could have been a little more nuanced and appreciative in his

Response to a hip-hop Pier becoming his higher up when Jay-Z got his role as president of De Jam I was a young artist on De Jam trying to work on my second album Joe Buon explained and at that time a lot of the artists on De Jam had

An issue with Jay-Z being the president this was the first time that a rapper our Pier was calling the shots in charge of DMX’s release date and LL cool Jays release date Joe Buton on the pivot podcast watchful episode none of us took that well and I really didn’t take it

Well Joe Button continued I didn’t handle myself well at all every interview that they booked for me I kicked their back in every chance I got in front of a microphone I had disparaging things to say about people who ultimately were maybe trying to help me even if they weren’t trying to help

Me if I would have helped myself I would have been in a different predicament but I didn’t gas on the fire in some instances I maybe went about it the wrong way or expressed myself the wrong way he went on referencing how he fell out with slaughterhouse and &m

Shady Records too but the intent is always pure the intent is always for the better of everyone it’s never like a selfish act when I had my back and forth with Shady Records and Eminem I was fighting for and slaughterhouse to get a better situation meanwhile for more news and

The latest updates on Joe Button and Jay

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