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John Legend’s Rendition of 21 Questions Sparks Social Media Commentary


John Legend is known to always come through with killer vocals but recently some critics think he missed the mark the Ohio born artist teamed up with 50 Cent to sing his get rich or die trying hit 21 questions on stage this week unfortunately social media users have a lot to say about his

Performance in a new clip fifth is seen hyping up the crowd as Legend goes in on the chorus originally performed by Nate Dog Legend seems to have taken a bit of creative Liberty in his rendition of the 2003 Banger adding a notable amount of the brto that’s got commenters rolling

Okay gospel version one commenter quips I sing it just like this while drunk another jokes John Legend and 5050 Cent performed 21 Questions clearly Legend was feeling the music and others actually claimed to prefer his version over the original get it John one supportive commenter writes another announces that they plan to sing

It just like this from now on countless users are coming to the hitmaker’s defense amid the barrage of jokes noting how he’s known to go big stop hating on my boy one fan insists y’all so used to these non- singing a asterisk asterisk PPL y’all forget R all singers gone sing

Any song no mo the genre full out while most viewers are honing on Legend singing others are pointing out 50 Cent reaction to it claiming that he looked as if he was about to burst out laughing 50 gone clown him later one fan notes alongside a series of laughing

Emojis 50 was trying to reel him into the right tune another says what do you think of John Legend and 50 cents 21 Questions performance do you think Legend deserves the roast that he’s been getting online or are critics being too harsh share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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