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Jonathan Majors Trial,Judge To Rule On Unsealing London Police Report


The assault trial of actor Jonathan majors has begun in New York Major is accused of the misdemeanor assault and harassment of his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabari Majors allegedly became physically violent with Jabari during a night out in March however before the trial gets fully underway the presiding judge will

Rule on the admissibility of one particular document the prosecution entered a domestic violence report filed with the Metropolitan Police in London England 6 months before major New York arrest before the trial begins in full the judge will rule if that police report is unsealed and thus part of the

Public record the day before the trial start Majors was seen in New York with his current girlfriend actress Megan Good the pair who have been dating since the summer were spotted at Jack’s wife Freda for lunch before taking to the streets of the city with Majors wrapping

His arm around good good has appeared by Major side for much of the pre-trial proceedings meanwhile several other women have come forward with similar allegations of violence against Majors furthermore a rolling stone investigation painted a picture of violence and manipulation that dated back as far as major time at Yale the

Trial remains a developing story and will have any updates as and when they emerge furthermore as Major’s trial begins several major consequences still hang over his head magazine dreams and upcoming drama starring Majors will no longer be released on December 8th speaking with CNN Disney confirmed that the film did

Not currently have a release date Search light Pictures a subsidiary of Disney acquired the distribution rights to the film after it opened to rave reviews at Sundance furthermore Disney’s live action Snow White Film starring Rachel zler has been pushed back from March 2024 to March 2025 additionally according to an extensive

Report from variety Marvel is reportedly considering what action to take over the ongoing major situation at a retreat in September Studio execs discussed various backup plans if the actor is found guilty at his trial Majors was meant to be the Crux of the next era of the MCU however the actor’s assault charges

Have put that in Jeopardy while he has appeared in the most recent season of Loki it’s like the last time Majors will be seen in the MCU for some time Marvel is truly fkad with the H Kong angle and they haven’t had an opportunity to rewrite until very recently because of

The wga strike but I don’t see a path to how they move forward with him one high-ranking executive

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