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Jose Chameleone Should Be Worried About He’s Future


Foreign Foreign Did you work with Kings uh Zeno one it’s very unfortunate and at this may something uh it’s a dismay Hey Okay um okay foreign one in general after the show had begun do you know how bad is and it was just a stampede why call it as Justice bro um

It should be a blessing is so 1079 Uganda Yes all that has come now with roses yo um not yet stage is foreign [Laughter] No way I’m gonna foreign [Laughter] coverage [Applause] foreign foreign foreign the stage foreign Foreign Haha at any time begin debating of how good it is of how bad it is to whatsoever person change to an extent of businesses according to the what according to the promoter of the show news insurmountable impact how relevant is gravity is what and tweet important and how you cement about it So it is just a small thing because it is a pinch of a pinch of salt in an ocean but gravity just um everything is as useless as you do not think about it Um Foreign Foreign Big guy foreign here we go every Gamble gamble single Cola much single color s It’s a song that hit this world wait or not Kellerman is he’s been in the Grammys since 2015. nominated and today him being grabbing winner it’s not a surprise In the 64th Grammys um foreign connections connections beautiful we see him the next time on our nomini the second in the sixth fifth what uh Grammys for some time might be I think this is the first time as well Matt B yes Three songs three songs this this is not coincidence artists learn how to make chavita smart goals what are smart goals they should be specific matcha is they should be measurable is it achievable is the next thing are you realistic yeah then are you time framed there are some people who have gone beyond

Beyond the level of getting a a Grammy nomination not even be so this is what I’m saying before you ask the connect our connection we want to know what is your stand Ard s That I am a radio presenter okay the first thing I did um Whatever connection you want be in the road of the connection yeah you’re not in the road This is the thing no one pushes a car up the hill there yes indica yeah let us stop this stupid entitlement foreign connection s [Applause] If he did not sing the song would they have danced on the song No and on top of that whose initiative was it foreign Foreign foreign ready and whistle there is nothing but Eddie Kenzo there is nothing maybe just the inspirational numbers Foreign big eye where is Big Chief Uganda um in these journeys of life Uganda it is okay to be selfish it is okay very okay yes it is as simple as that everybody is selfish selfishness selfishness Foreign Foreign Did they submit even if they submitted were they accepted because it is again so whatever questions Foreign Hmm the gambling videos hmm a second so every Saturday Because he has the Eco potential you can’t take music how many colors how many colorables maybe to conclude on on all this um industry over always be to take our did you take our the Nigerians is now a Grammy Awards winner when do those people talk this rubbish that we talk

Those people work okay um uh de la Kenzo Isa AC meeting wow Generations Nominated Productions Foreign Robot by listening to him under him for mentorship now we deserve the music away Um Kenya These guys who are looking for Content guys Foreign foreign is nowhere let’s be honest for once yeah um So there is this is a creative process Uganda is actually readily available and let us not allow stupidity to supersede Us in some areas allegations Foreign

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