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JPEGMAFIA’s Shopping Trip in Brazil Takes a Dramatic Turn


When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve some leave behind old grudges more easily than others it appears that lto and Ice spice are bringing their Feud into 2024 already having sent subliminal shots at each other online while teasing new music elsewhere the Christian Community is taking issue with

Lil nzx leaning into God on his new music and the internet is still recovering from all the shade thrown by Cat Williams on his Club sh Shay podcast as for barington Devon Hendrick the New York rapper better known as Peg Mafia January is off to an interesting

Start down in Brazil in the early hours of Wednesday January 10th the 34-year-old was enjoying a shopping trip on camera at a local mall he and a white woman were shopping together Hendrick clearly enjoying the warmer weather in his short shorts the dramatic clip doesn’t give

Much context as to what happened but we can tell that the thug tears hitmaker wasn’t happy as a result of the attention he was getting as a group of store employees confront Peggy and the women he’s with he notably goes off on them yelling as the crowd backs into the

Store they came out of Peg magia drama unfolds during shopping trip apparently Peggy got scammed by a famous sportsware store for charging $2,000 of stuff he wasn’t buying one Instagram user wrote as footage circulates he called the cops and I heard from others that it got solved another chimed in with a similar

Response speculating Peggy was in Brazil they probably tried to overcharge him for something normal scenario when a gringo is shopping Peggy links with iow speed in South America thankfully Pig mafia’s time in South America hasn’t been a total disaster in the hours before the video of him beefing with locals at the mall

Went viral the East Coast Lyricist posed for a series of photos with Infamous streamer isow speed is seeing this Duo spending time together surprising let us know in the comments and check back later for more pop culture slm music news updates

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