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Judge grants R. Kelly victim priority access to Sony Music royalty fund


Thank you R Kelly is currently sitting behind bars for numerous sex crimes and one of his victims has just been granted first dibs at attaining money from his Sony Music royalty account on Thursday March 23rd Illinois Supreme Court ruled Heather Williams was entitled to access the disgraced singers label fund which was

Reportedly valued at 1.5 million dollars in 2020 according to billboard before Midwest commercial funding a property manager that won its own separate 3.5 million ruling against Kelly over unpaid rent on a Chicago studio in 2020 Williams won a four million dollar judgment against Kelly after filing a

Civil lawsuit against him a year prior she alleged that when she was 16 the I Believe I Can Fly hitmaker lured her to his Studio on a promise she could be in a music video and then had sex with her multiple times as a minor the state High Court’s decision on

Thursday upheld an earlier ruling by a lower court that Williams and not Midwest commercial should be given priority to access the royalties because she was the first to properly file a demand for the money the earlier ruling ordered the label to hand over any funds currently in Kelly’s royalty account to

Williams and to keep paying her from his royalties until the Judgment was paid off Kelly’s Attorney Jennifer bondine is seeking to overturn the 4 million dollar judgment and told billboard that the award to Williams never should have been entered because it was issued after Kelly failed to respond to a judgment he

Knew nothing about last month Kelly was sentenced to two decades Behind Bars by a Chicago judge for his Federal sexual assault case at the sentencing which took place on February 22nd the judge ruled that all but one year would be served concurrent to the 30-year sentence he’s currently

Serving in New York after being found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking a grand jury ultimately found the Chicago native guilty on six of the 13 federal charges which included three child pornography charges for sexually abusing four girls three of whom were minors they also found Kelly

Guilty of making three videos of himself sexually assaulting his 14 year old goddaughter which resulted in another three charges for producing sex tapes with a minor the ruling comes shortly after a series of pending sex abuse charges against R Kelly in Cook County Illinois were dropped

The singer was indicted in 2019 on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four alleged victims three of whom were under the age of consent

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  1. @wrightnyree8215 says

    If y’all know the law firm y’all seen the reply from one of his lawyer this lawsuit is “void” is he not getting paid

  2. @wrightnyree8215 says

    And not sitting behind bars for no sex crime it for Rico per Ny and Chicago he got one year and can appeal the appeal was filed for Chicago weeks ago and Ny waiting for a date for the appeal .. and she heather Williams didn’t get paid for sex as a minor and she not getting paid at all it was void kellz will fight this when he done with his appeals and free! Yes jennifer is seeking to over turn ! So she won’t get paid all jennifer for do is file the over turn motion… and a decade he will be free per appealNY should’ve never found him guilty . And three wasn’t minors lies ! And the god daughter wasn’t 14 she was 17 legal age in Chicago

  3. @wrightnyree8215 says

    This recording I mixed with mostly lies and some truth

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