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Just in : Kanye West Exposes Kim Kardashian For Selling Her Soul To Balenciaga


Kanye West is breaking his silence on the balanciga Scandal and exposing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for selling her soul to the controversial fashion house Kim is currently facing major backlash over her response to balance eager’s disgusting ad campaign featuring children and it looks like Kim’s disturbing connection to

Valencaga runs deeper than we thought Kanye West any form of perversion is bad in God’s eyes any form of pornography like you’ve probably heard by now balanciga got exposed for it all in early November when they shared a series of very creepy photos taken for their new gift

Shop ad campaign the photos featured young children posing with teddy bears dressed in bondage and surrounded by shocking props props included a child’s drawing of the devil and a roll of yellow caution tape that misspelled the word balance eager to show the word ball which is the name of

A fertility Demon Lord of akova has been the chief stylist for balance eager since 2014 Lada recently locked her Instagram profile and deleted over 200. photos many of which featured children in all kinds of dark and creepy imagery fans are now speculating that Lotto was involved in Valencia’s recent

Campaign because the aesthetic of the campaign matches the photos Lada shares on her Instagram some of the photos just get worse the more you look into it for example sample take a look at the frame diploma behind the model in this photo Kim Kardashian and her children recently War balance eager and Adidas

There are simply too many coincidences when it comes to this hole balenciaga’s situation and this is exactly why fans want to come to speak up and cut ties with the brand Kim said she is currently reevaluating her relationship with the brand and basing it off their willingness to accept

Accountability for something that should have never happened Kanye took a swipe at Kemp saying that the disturbing imagery like the things we saw in the balanceiga campaigns is used on purpose to destroy morals and break up families celebrities are staying silent on this is because they are controlled a lot of

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