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Kanye West Accused By Another Lawyer Of Ghosting Him


Kanye West is unsurprisingly dealing with a million different things at once by only focusing on one at a time moreover he’s probably thinking a lot about his tiala sign collab album vultures which is supposed to drop tonight at press time but you never know with he do you regardless the Chicago

Rapper stands accused of ignoring plenty of other action items including responding to lawsuits on behalf of companies and entities that want to hold him accountable the latest of these is from Scott Spivey an attorney for tracks records that asked a Louisiana judge to approve of other means of serving him

With a lawsuit on Monday December 11th according to court documents reportedly obtained by all hip hop the necessity for this motion arises from the fact that Council for ye has been notified but he refuses to provide an address for his client the lawyer expressed in the legal filing additionally defendant Y is

Constantly traveling around the world making conventional service of process and possible this motion is crucial to uphold due process and ensure defendant ye is duly notified of the ongoing legal proceedings this lawsuit from tracks is over a marshall Jefferson sample the track move your body in Kanye West’s

2022 da two cup flowers that was allegedly used without permission Kanye West at the Power 106 Powerhouse show in 2016 furthermore Kanye West’s lawyer Greg Nelson claimed via email in June of this year that the California home that Spivey tried to serve him papers at in

December of 2022 is no longer where he stays when asked a month later in July whether he would accept the attorney service or indicate how to present the papers to the 46-year-old Nelson allegedly said that his client is in Japan he didn’t have an address for him

And claimed to have no authorization to wave service therefore tracks records requested alternative service for essentially an international defendant and await the judge’s decision considering the unique challenges presented by defendant yes circumstances the following alternative service methods are proposed the motion read service by publication publish notice of the legal

Proceedings in reputable International newspapers also online platforms that are likely to be accessed by defendant ye service by mail send copies of the summons and complaint bya International certified mail to any known addresses associated with defendant ye service through a designated agent utilize a legal representative as a designated agent to deliver the

Necessary documents to defendant ye each method has its advantages and potential drawbacks but all are aimed at ensuring that defendant you receives proper notice for more news and the latest updates on Kanye

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