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Kanye West Bitter About The Kardashians


Kanye has come out and addressed some important issues concerning someone who used to work with him but later on use this to his own advantage to drag down Kanye in the public Kanye is coming out in his defense he is giving a lot of reasons basing on this Kanye is

Coming out and defending himself and possibly this is exactly what we wanted to know I’m going to be giving you all the necessary details concerning all this but before even going further let me take this opportunity to thank each and everyone that has always followed us on our

Channel I will tell you we really appreciate all your support and pleasure keep the love flowing Kanye is responding to all these allegations in a new countersuit he says he never failed to pay Thomas as his business manager and that there Arrangement came about when Kanye was stressed out in the middle of

Finaleizing his divorce the ex-wife came according to the documents followed by Kanye and his Jeezy brand he defends himself saying the deal between him and Thomas was not enforceable because he signed it without any help from his lawyers Kanye has also given us an insight about his then work relationship with Thomas

Saying he met him around March that was in 2022 and they sketched out a deal worthy 300K monthly as payment but still Kanye says they met during one of his lowest moments and breakdowns until the endless Paparazzi who were always on his tail during his divorce disorganized he

Is a mental health and it’s also among the reasons Kanye has listed for not deciding right Kanye is asking the judge to end this contract and in addition to make Jon pay back the 900k he had been paid by Kanye because whatever transpired between them it was

Not right for him to bring out everything on social media also brought to lighter clothes in their agreement that prevented that prevented Thomas from being terminated for the past 18 months and for the first 18. months and Kanye was very shocked to see him suing him Kanye has always not

Been coming out and enlightening us about all that well he is coming out right now because like I told you when I was beginning there are a lot of people who have always been coming out with with a lot of lawsuits against Kanye and of course we have always had those questions

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