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Kanye West Confronts Tax Woes Exceeding $1 Million Amidst Property and Business Liens


Kanye West reportedly owes over $1 million in property and business taxes for his Yeezy company and a pair of homes he bought with X Kim Kardashian according to a report from The Daily Mail on Wednesday January 3rd there are four leans against yezy apparel LLC for 3 years worth of back taxes totaling

$934,000 56 he also reportedly owes a total of $1,093 in property taxes on two calabasa homes he’ previously purchased with Kim while they were still together the news comes after it was reported earlier this week that Kanye West is trying to offload another one of his various properties his completely gutted $53

Million mansion on the beach in Malibu a source alleged to be close to the controversial star told the Daily Mail that you doesn’t want the place because the walls aren’t the right color you prefers Earth Tones muddy colors from silp to Lone but never too cold and nothing visually draining like a clay

The source told the outlet on Sunday December 31st Architects and designers working for ye have in the past been dispatched to collect soil samples from the UK France and elsewhere as color references for his iconic looks The Source continued unfortunately the concrete settled into more of a Cadet

Gray and he was hoping for a warmer tone more of dovetail gray or Coachman’s Cape you would only visit the house at sunrise and sunset when he said the color didn’t irritate him so much eventually he stopped going altogether Kanye West initially purchased the property in 2021 and paid close to $58

Million for the home designed by fed Japanese architect Tad Ando Ando is reportedly one of Kanye West’s favorite designers and that played a role in yeezy’s Posta purchase of the extravagant bunker built in 2013 the Mansion overlooks the Pacific Ocean and leans heavily on its concrete architecture throughout but last month

You put the gutted out mansion on the market for $53 million despite currently facing numerous lawsuits Kanye West caught a break this week when his former business manager decided to dismiss his lawsuit that accused you of breaching their contract Radar Online obtained documents on Wednesday January 3rd revealing that

Thomas St John had informed the court he was dismissing the entire action of all parties and all causes of actions in turn Kanye also dropped his counter Pur suit for what he’ claimed was a contract signed under d

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