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Kanye West Holds Auditions For New Yeezy Fashion Show


Kanye West holds auditions for new Yeezy fashion show seeking bald models Yeezy sn10 is apparently on its way although the context surrounding it is obviously less exciting than other shows Kanye West hit up downtown Los Angeles on Thursday April 27th to host auditions for models for his upcoming fashion show

Yeezy szn 10. however according to a TMZ report this particular audition had a bit of a theme to it moreover it seems like he sought out board models in particular and hopeful participants with shaved heads were all black when they arrived furthermore they lined up as early as

7am and some waited until 3 P.M to receive an audience presumably disheveled pictures of the rapper that surfaced on Friday April 28th was likely taken from these sessions the reason for that is because Kanye apparently wore shirt gifted to him by a disabled person who went to the audition

In more disheveled pictures the person who presumably gifted him the shirt appears alongside him still all these pieces of information add up to an unclear albeit inclusive vision for the next easy show given all of the Chicago natives public controversies and low profile many wonder how it will even take shape and

Be disseminated in pop culture of course it’s not like that turbulent path of backlash strayed Kanye West away from the Fashion World in fact he recently popped out at the fear of God runway show along with his new wife Bianca sensory and even jammed out to his music

It was actually quite an odd clip capturing Kanye vibing out to his kids see ghosts track feel the love that cut features Pusha T and project length collaborator kid cutie two names that the 45 year old isn’t on the best terms with at the moment meanwhile fans

Can only wonder what kind of event product or statement the street lights artist will bring us next considering everything going on around him going to Yeezy szn 10 would be an act of morbid curiosity hope and partial nervousness also Kim Kardashian recently blasted him for his insane narrative surrounding their divorce

While he once sought to expand his profile with every move now it seems he must reclaim it with accountability for when that day comes return to hnhh for the latest on Kanye West

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