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Kanye West Reveals How Kim Kardashian Abandoned he’s Sons


Kanye West is reportedly worried about his sons Saint and song because his ex-wife Kim Kardashian is focused on pushing their daughters North and Chicago into the spotlight while completely ignoring her sons Kim is determined to make her oldest daughter North the next at Kardashian girl and has been pushing her extra hard by

Dragging her to different Hollywood Events dressing her in grown-up clothes and letting Paparazzi follow her around even at school Kanye has called out Kim for acting as though her sons don’t exist while exposing her daughters to the public eye Kim has all the resources in the world to protect North’s privacy

But she is actually the one exposing her as much as possible and preparing her for a life of Fame for the sake of Fame the Kardashian women barely ever post their sons while over exposing their daughters and this has become quite obvious to Kanye he believes that Kim will continue to

Exploit North and Chicago while ignoring Saint and song Kim Chloe and Kylie are notorious for over exposing their daughters on social media and treating their sons like an afterthought Kris Jenner encouraged them to sexualize themselves at an early age to monetize their looks even after Kim said that she was

Uncomfortable revealing too much Chris convinced her to do a second shoot and show more skin Kim and Chloe are also notorious for exposing their daughters on Instagram Kanye previously warned Kim not to let North use tick-tock and he even publicly said that he worried that North will pose for Playboy

One day just like Kim did before Kanye publicly called out Kim and Chris over Kim’s Playboy shoot and wrote I put my life on my God that North’s mom would never photograph her doing Playboy and that’s on God I’m at the ranch come and get me Kylie

On the other hand has been very secretive about her daughter stormi and is not interested in exposing her to the public eye the same can’t be said for Kim and her daughters who Kim is pushing to be the next big thing in Showbiz Kim’s parenting style a concern for Kanye and

Fans Kim Kardashian is determined to turn her children North in Chicago into new versions of herself while leaving her sons to figure out things on their own some fans are convinced that the boys would be better off living with Kanye others sympathize with Kanye and give him credit for Breaking Free from

Kardashian control as for Kanye’s children many fans believe they should give the singer props for Breaking Free from Kardashian control however some feel sorry for Kanye because he knew exactly what he was getting into when he pursued Kim Kanye is right to be worried about his sons

Let’s hear your thoughts on how this will affect saint

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