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Kanye West Sparks Controversy By Hiring Gosha Rubchinskiy As Yeezy’s New Head Of Design


Kanye West is going to be dropping a brand new album on Friday with taala sign overall vultures is supposed to be the last big album of the year however there are fears that the project will be a complete mess furthermore ye is still pushing his Nazi side which has left a

Lot of fans feeling hopeless at this point ye is going for Pure shock value and he will associate with anyone if he feels like it will cause a stir well that is exactly what he is doing with Yeezy brand and its new head of design yesterday you took to Twitter

For the first time in months it was here where he revealed that Goa rubchinsky would become the new head of design at Yeezy overall Goa is a big name in the design World however he was recently forced into an exile of sorts after being accused of allegedly soliciting photos from a

16-year-old although Goa denies that he did anything wrong there are still fans who believe this hiring is beyond the pale that’s said goosa has expressed excitement about the new position over on his Instagram account Kanye West hires a man with serious allegations we’re delighted to introduce the new

Direction of the Goa rubchinsky fashion brand as an independent creative Powerhouse rubinski wrote stepping away from the come to garons and rasit family our brand is forging its own path under gous creative leadership we are set to embrace exciting new projects and collaborations that embody our spirit of Independence and creative Drive we’re

Thankful for the continuous support from our community that fuels our journey it remains to be seen what Goa will be doing with Yeezy after all the Yeezy brand has a lot of work to do before it starts selling shoes and merchandise again let us know what you think of the

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