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Kanye West & Ty Dolla $ign’s Vultures 1 Edges Out Yeat’s 2093 for Top Billboard 200 Spot


The billboard 200 albums chart dated March 2nd might go down as one of the most competitive of 2024 when it comes to its two top spots despite previous reports Kanye West and taala dollar Ian’s collaborative album vultures one ended up beating out Yeats 2093 for the number one spot moreover vulture spends its

Second week at top the charts with around 75,000 equivalent album units in its second week in the US according to billboard themselves and Luminate and independent data provider on the other hand 2093 debuts at the number two spot with around 70,000 album equivalent units which is the California natives

Best performing week yet on the chart as for 2093 this album had a couple of versions come out which contributed to this chart performance first the Project’s core Edition released on Friday February 16th with 22 songs and a whole lot of Praise from casuals and die hards alike

Then Yeet dropped two new songs for it the following day these being as we speak with Drake and never quit finally on February 21st he dropped a version of the lp with four additional tracks exclusively on his website vultures and 293 lead the billboard 200 this week meanwhile vultures has been through so

Many changes alterations and cycles that it’s hard to tell what its current status is the good news for fans is that it’s back on Apple music after briefly disappearing on Saturday February 24th however as of writing this article there are two versions of the project available one with a capitalized title

And one with an uncapitalized title it’s been really bizarre to witness all these removals disputes and of course all the controversial content behind you roll out Antics and statements in fact there’s a vultures cut that isn’t on Apple music but returned to Spotify after it was removed from both streamers for unrightfully

Sampling Donna Summer but all that aside and no matter what you think of these billboard placements these are still great achievements to celebrate the bre MC had his best commercial performance yet and the burn Duo continued to make this one of the most commercially successful independent releases ever for more news and the

Latest updates on Kanye West tid doala sign and

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