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Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign Song Premiered On The Radio After Everybody Fails To Drop On Time


Kanye West and taala have been telling fans that a new collaborative project is on the way however they have not been able to deliver on that promise so far instead the album has been nowhere to be seen although we did get some listening parties that has pretty much been it

This week there was some sort of sign of Hope as it was revealed that the track everybody would finally hit streaming services of course this is the same track that samples the Backstreet Boys well fans were pretty skeptical that it would be released in the end that skepticism

Proved to be well founded the song did not end up coming out much to the Chagrin of y’s remaining fans however it wasn’t all bad as a new song called unlock was played by DJ Ferris on Power 92 radio you can hear a part of the track below which features

Layered vocal samples and taid doala dominating most of the runtime if you are a fortnite fan you you might enjoy the Jonesy salty Springs reference at the 140 Mark new Kanye West X tiala that said based on some of the fan reactions the song is not hitting like

Some people were hoping it would after all this is Kanye West we are talking about here the standards for his music are very high and this just doesn’t feel like it is entirely up to par only time will tell whether or not this is a track

That is going to grow on people after all ye is known to make massive changes to songs after they have been previewed perhaps the rest of the track list will be a bit stronger let us know what you think of this new track in the comments section below do you think this

Is up to the standards of yes past work additionally stay tuned

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