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Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo Makes a Chart Comeback on Billboard 200


Over the weekend billboard released the First new version of the billboard 200 chart tracking in 2024 the chart keeps track of what albums are being listened to on streaming and played on the radio the most in any given week this week the chart is headlined by numerous Taylor

Swift albums in the top 10 alongside artists like siza Morgan Wallen Noah Kahan and Zack Bryan but unlike the Hot 100 where hit songs are subject to relegation albums can stick around on the billboard 200 for years and years that’s why it isn’t too much of a surprise when older Smash Head albums

Reenter the charts years later in recent week’s albums like future DS2 juice wrld’s legends never die and J Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive have occupied the back half of the album’s chart last week three of Kanye West’s albums landed on the chart 2007’s graduation narrowly slipped inside the top 100 with his

Debut The College Dropout and fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy following behind now a fourth one of the rap Legends albums has entered the chart his 2016 effort the life of Pablo joins the other four on the newest edition of the billboard 200 this week Kanye West

The life of Pablo returns to the charts renewed interest in West’s music may have something to do with the pending album vultures he announced with ta doala sign late last year following the single of the same name the pair first promised that the project would arrive last month

With numerous release dates coming and going since then most recently the record was scheduled to arrive later this week but that release date has since been removed last month a version of the project was leaked online which may have something to do with the numerous delays it’s faced since Kanye West has also

Been sharing a bizarre series of pictures on Instagram many of them contain scantily clad shots of Bianca sorri in one picture West even promises not to wear pants this year what do you think of the life of Pablo returning to the billboard 200 this week let us know in the comment section below

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