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Katt Williams Accuses Rickey Smiley of Lying About Friday After Next Role


One of the standout moments from Cat Williams viral Club sh Shay appearance was when the comedian accused Ricky Smiley of lying about his role in Friday After Next Smiley previously claimed that he was originally cast as Money Mike a role that later went to Williams according to Williams however

The role was always his Williams claimed that smiley went on to have a bad attitude throughout their time on set he accused him of complaining that the role got taken from him leading him to not want to work with the disgruntled comedian again he even said that he had

A contract made stating that he wouldn’t act alongside Smiley again unless he was wearing a dress a few years after Friday after NEX came out Smiley appeared in the film first Sunday as Bernice Jenkins as Williams points out he wore a dress for the role Ricky Smiley gets

Emotional in new clip Ricky Smiley later kept it cordial while addressing Williams claims on his radio show he simply denied that the aforementioned contract was ever created moreover he defended his role as Bernice Jenkins now however he appears to be down in the dumps amid Fallout from the

Interview in a new clip the Alabama native is seen getting emotional while making a cup of coffee of course commenters suspect it could have something to do with Williams comments others however note that he lost his son around this time last year making it a difficult time for

Smiley fans are now flooding comment sections with words of support as he navigates the loss and hoping that the Cat Williams debacle hasn’t made things any tougher for him as the anniversary of his son’s death approaches what do you think about Cat Williams Club sh Shay interview going viral what about

Ricky Smiley getting emotional on social media amid the Fallout share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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