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Katt Williams and Torrei Hart to Team Up for Comedy Tour


Cat Williams Set 2024 Ablaze when he sat down with Shannon sharp on the latest episode of Club sh Shay the expansive interview found Cat Williams making many claims about Kevin Hart Steve Harvey or other comedians that most would consider his peers he accused Hart of being an

Industry plant of sorts a claim that many have debunked since however Hart later responded in a brief and passive aggressive tone got to get that anger up chaamp it’s honest sad he stated evidently the feud between Cat Williams and Kevin Hart didn’t end there and it appears that things might be

Getting personal soon Tor Hart Kevin’s ex-wife hit Instagram where she shared a photo alongside Williams however it appears that té will soon be in cahoots with the comedian as she revealed that she’ll be going on tour with cat # Charlotte # Orlando # Tampa come see me live with my good

Friend Cat Williams on the the Dark Matters tour she captioned the post it remains unclear whether her set will include any mentions regarding her ex-husband tartt and Cat Williams plan to tour together tartt has tried to get her feet wet in the standup world over the past few years evidently Williams

Has some sort of appreciation for her craft if he’s willing to bring her on tour along with the photo with Williams Tor shared a snippet from his interview on Club Shay where he discussed the type of comedians that he’s willing to work with I only put on comedians that are

Funnier than me he said anyone that told you differently was a fat phas and liar he added referring to comedian phas and love T Hart said she’ll join Cat Williams on his tour dates in Charlotte on January 27th Orlando on February 2nd and rampa on February 3rd we could

Imagine that they might have more in the works following their stint together on the road check out tart’s posted above and sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below

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