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Kaytranada Originally Approached To Produce Honestly, Nevermind


Krata has revealed that Drake’s team initially reached out to him about working on honestly never mind I met Drake in La one time and that was it really at one point one of his boys was like your boy wants some beats he’s going to do a house album and I was like

Yeah sure hit me up that’s my thing anybody that want to work with me just hit me up maybe my reaction rubbed them the wrong way but I was just saying hey if you’re serious hit me up let’s work for real he told M reality despite a mixed critical reception honestly never

Mind was still a number one album continuing Drake’s trend of top charting albums honestly never mind was Drake 7th with for all the dogs becoming his eighth this year however despite it not being made explicit in kron’s interview he was ultimately not involved in honestly never mind Drake gets album of the year

From Jim Jones furthermore speaking of Drake albums for all the dogs his release from 2023 got a lot of Praise after it finally dropped Jim Jones declared for all the dog scary hours Edition his best album of the Year Jones gave his answer at complexcon that extendo clip that Drake

Just dropped got real spooky on Eng gas Jones explained however he also gave props to too good to be true and Utopia the six song Deluxe EP recently helped push the Drake product back to the top of the billboard album charts despite the success of the album

Last week only marked its second week at number one it displaced straight kids Rockstar which tumbled to number seven furthermore for all the dogs has also reached Platinum certification last month for all the dogs then returned to number one holding off another Resurgence from 1989 Taylor’s version

Which spent another week at number two ironically the first track of Drake CP shouts out Taylor Swift Taylor Swift the only Anga that I ever rated only one could make me drop the album just a little later rest of y’all I treat you like you never made it

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