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Kevin Hart Lights Up LeBron James’ 39th Birthday Bash in Retro Style


Kevin Hart was among many celebrities who dawned afro and luxury suits for lebrin James throwback theme 39th birthday party at Studio 80 for this week in Los Angeles moreover he just posted some picks of the occasion showing off his time to shine on the dance floor as folks like Adele lookedon

And some snaps with his wife Eno the king himself Steve Stout and more celebrated my brother at King James B day in style Studio 8 for was a stone cold Groove Jack # livive law the comedian wrote as his posts caption while this all seems quite wholesome and

Elaboratory it could also be a distraction from more pressing issues furthermore for those unaware Kevin Hart’s currently in some beef with Cat Williams over his comments on his career on his recent Club Shay interview with Shannon sharp in fact to tie this back to LeBron he made some additional

Comments on Williams words on his NBA show and plugged in which he asked Kendrick Perkins whether he entertains the circus or watches it the 44-year-old also joked that his now rival Entertainer bought the New York Knicks and returned it with a receipt finally he clowned his claim that he was a big

Reader as a child in what was overall a pretty light clap back Kevin Hart celebrates Leon James 39th birthday photos previously Kevin Hart responded to this whole or deal with dismissal instead plugging his own moves got to get that anger up ATA CH it’s honestly sad he expressed on social media in the

Meantime please enjoy my movie trailer to my next film lift which will be dropping on at Netflix in 8 days there is a moment in the trailer where at gumara says they really love you I now know she’s talking about cat crying laughing emojis Mark your Calendar’s

World this one is special me meanwhile the Philly star is also managing a lawsuit against Tasha for extortion over an interview with his ex assistant their back and forth didn’t develop much further than this as of writing this article but we’re sure this isn’t the end we’ll see whether this becomes an

Item of note before a potential response from Williams to all this notoriety with that in mind stick around

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