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Khloe Kardashian Goes Off On Kim For Trying To Defend Tristan Thompson


Reports suggest that Kim Kardashian is pressuring her sister Chloe to get back with her cheating ex Tristan Thompson despite Chloe admitting that he’s not the right guy for her Kim is encouraging them to reconcile and have another baby together via surrogate however it’s become apparent that Kim’s behavior is driven by her narcissistic

Personality which has been evident since before Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered Kim’s love for watching people fail in an interview with Jay Shetty Kim confessed that she loves to watch people fail and learn from their mistakes this is a trait common among narcissists who have low self-esteem and get

Pleasure from seeing others suffer Kim’s Behavior towards her sisters often reflects this as she seems to get along best with them when they’re miserable Kim’s treatment of Courtney and Chloe Kim’s relationship with her sister Courtney was at its best when Courtney was dealing with her cheating ex Scott Disick

However when Courtney found love with Travis Barker Kim turned on her and made her feel guilty for leaving Scott Kim also has a history of triggering her sister’s insecurities such as when she made snarky comments about Kendall’s anxiety and Courtney’s work ethic when Courtney tried to set boundaries

And distance herself from Kim Kim became even more vicious towards her Kim’s treatment of Chloe is no different after Tristan’s cheating scandals Kim suddenly became besties with Chloe and encouraged her to take him back Kim also pushed Chloe to have another baby with Tristan via surrogate even though Chloe later admitted to

Struggling to bond with her son and wishing someone had been honest with her about the surrogacy process Kim sabotage many fans believe that Kim’s Behavior towards her sisters is driven by her desire to sabotage their lives so that hers doesn’t seem as bad in comparison this is evident in her encouragement of

Chloe’s surrogacy even though she knew it would be a tough experience for her Kim’s Behavior towards her sisters is a classic example of narcissistic behavior and it’s clear that her sisters need to set boundaries and distance themselves from her toxic influence Kim Kardashian pressures Chloe to take back Tristan a

Source close to Chloe recently told TMZ that Kim Kardashian is pressuring Chloe to take back Tristan Thompson the father of her child despite Chloe setting boundaries with Kim insiders say that Kim is constantly throwing hints in Chloe’s presence that Tristan deserves another chance many fans feel bad for Chloe as she may not

Be strong enough to stand up to Kim and set boundaries others have no sympathy for Chloe as she was quick to gang up on Courtney and take Tristan’s side in the past regardless of opinions Chloe has reportedly made it clear that she is not taking Tristan back though she will continue to co-parent

With him alright with

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