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Kim Kardashian HUMILIATES Herself


Kim Kardashian has been causing a stir with her latest Antics including trying to push her made-up boyfriend Fred on everyone she is now trying to say that all rumors about her and Pete Davidson were actually about Fred however sources say that Kim was actually begging for Pete

To leave her alone after their breakup Kim was also trying to make Pete jealous and Backtrack on her previous statements about him Kim’s burner accounts some people believe that Kim is using burner accounts to comment in her own comment section and post things online this comes after reports claim that Kim

Rekindled her romance with Pete Davidson which he denies Kim’s standards Kim also talked about her dating standards and how she wants to sneak around instead of being in a serious relationship she claims that the media made her feel like she was in a serious relationship too quickly in the past

Kim Kardashian’s fear of aging and insecurity it’s sad how fearful Kim Kardashian is about nature taking its course she seems to be fighting against it by altering her appearance with Photoshop and other surgeries her whole identity is based on being the hottest sexiest and having the nicest body while Beauty and

Attractiveness are powerful there are other forms of power such as money intellect and kindness however Kim seems to only want the power that comes from being young and having a Supple body Kim is holding on to her youth for as long as possible but she won’t be able to hold on forever

She even has standards for potential Partners saying they can’t be too old or Too Young even though she herself is 42 years old it’s time for Kim to start dating people closer to her age like 35. Kim also tries to come off as Meek but it’s all an act

She needs someone to tell her that she’s making herself look foolish by dating a much younger man like Pete Davidson it’s clear that he’s just using her for publicity and she’s going outside

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