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I need clarity about something guys I’m curious if Kim Kardashian has four kids how come she already has a favorite and if she can call Northwest her best friend right now what about Saint what about Chicago and what about Sam what about them are in their children don’t

They matter in Kim Kardashian’s life as well don’t you think there is something we need to know behind this post that Kim Kardashian might have best on to post it at this time it’s okay to call your daughter best friend I don’t have any problem with that it’s okay to post

Their pic and caption it my favorite it’s very okay what’s not okay is to neglect your boys and focus on the person you think they actually carry your Spotlight what if the rest of the children grow up to realize this and to see such a caption how would they feel

About you as a mother and how will they look at North in particular I know Kim Kardashian is trying to tell you all out there that Harry relationship with Northwest is still okay but this is not the rightful way I would prefer she used another method this doesn’t kick it for

Me you guys yeah as I have told you we very well know why she tried to do this and I feel like she feels the pressure mounting from three sides first and foremost the pressure coming from Northwest because right now we know she already lost interest in her mom but

Being a kid she can’t say it out loud we only see her actions and we can tell through Northwest his actions first of all you’ll remember how she cried at the game she was asking for help her mother was neglecting her she didn’t do anything to serve a child who was crying

Because the paparazzi were too much around her and worst of all she’s the one that caused them only to make her daughter uncomfortable I don’t know how she feels about that but not who has realizes this and as a child she feels she’s not for this she feels like this

Is too much she was trying to cry out loud to the paparazzi she was like you guys want to make a child blind and Kim Kardashian did not do anything to serve the kid out of this in addition trust me you guys right now Northwest is crying for her

Dad she wants to be with her dad right now because she realizes there is more peace when she’s with the dad other than when she is with the mom right you all remember Kanye West was there at the basketball game and I believe Northwest also realized it so I feel like she

Wants that she feels that urge of being with the dad and she is always Disturbed being Kim Kardashian in public she is really traumatized and she wants the daddies care right now so Kim Kardashian is threatened by this she is trying to put out a message out there

That hey my relationship is stable so as I was telling you the three kind of pressure that is a mounting on Kim Kardashian secondly the pressure coming from the public itself right remember people nowadays know exactly what is taking place between Kim Kardashian and Northwest and they don’t care to expose

It out they are always slamming Kim Kardashian to let Northwest be their child she is supposed to be she is lambd because Northwest is actually always uncomfortable while around her mother she always cries at girls she always cries when the camera’s around and Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything as I have

Told you so the public sees it so as they try to amount that kind of pressure for Kim Kardashian to realize that Kim is opposing the pressure and she’s like no you guys don’t have a say in my life me and my daughter are doing okay and

Before we knew it Kim had to post a pic of Northwest on Instagram and captioned it my best friend but we all no they are not best friends Northwest is literally tired of being around her mother because she’s always not comfortable with her this is why she

Wants to be around her dad right remember she is also now accustomed to being around Bianca sorry they have ever met on several occasions and allegedly Northwest is actually very okay with Bianca sensory and she likes her as a stepmother so this is a threat to Kim

Kardashian and then the Third Kind of pressure is coming from Kanye West remember Kanye right now is fighting silently but we are seeing his pressure coming to reality like recently you’ll remember how Kim Kardashian’s Tick-Tock account with Northwest was actually banned for three hours here approximately three hours and Kim

Kardashian used a lot of money a lot of tricks to make sure the account is activated again so Kanye West is influential right now he is fighting for his kids and he wants full custody and his living everything to the coach right now so this kind of pressure is also coming out

Remember Kanye West is fighting for full custody Northwest is tired of being around her mother and wants her dad right now so Kim Kardashian is really feeling it hard and she is trying to let you know that I’m going to win we are doing okay Northwest likes me I like her

As well this is why she keeps on moving with her everywhere they go for spotlight to make sure she tells you all that we are comfortable and we enjoy time together with Northwest she is my best friend and we like each other she doesn’t have any problem with whatever is happening

Around her but we know how torturing this is do you remember the very last incident that has happened Northwest actually embarrassed Kim Kardashian at a fashion event what is that she just disgusted with each and everything her mother comes up with She is totally disgusted and tired of this but being a

Child she’s just nine she cannot actually come out loud and say I am tired take me to my dad like she doesn’t have that power so just know whatever Kim Kardashian comes up with she thinks about it very carefully and critically and everything she comes up with has a

Meaning she doesn’t just post without thinking so Kim Kardashian is trying to show you all that however much this is happening however much my daughter might scream when around me my relationship with her is still okay and we are together and strong and they are doing

Well which is not okay this is diversion and a stand she’s trying to divert us but we are still focused not is supposed to get the life she deserves North is not supposed to be treated in that way if you want the spotlight please call the paparazzi everywhere you want to go

You can call them in your washrooms you can call them on your interviews you can call them while you are eating we don’t have any problem with that but Northwest has always told these guys why they are always around her she’s always crying for help She’s always telling you to

Help her out and you are keeping quiet because you want just a useless Spotlight relevancy and attention we are not going to agree with this and we are still focused on our point please Kim you need to change you need to learn that Northwest is actually Fed

Up of you and get a way of actually treating yourself right work on yourself so that your kids can embrace you again but don’t think so you know lying to us that you are best friends while we know you have other children that also need this Caption This is not going to work

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