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Kim Kardashian Seeks Kanye west’s Advice


Kim seeks Kanye’s advice after taking North to Met Gala backlash Bianca wants what’s best for yi it’s your girl star Flames believes that Kim Kardashian is going through a lot mentally and when she is going through this phase someone like he often sheds light on you know things too

Her put things in perspective for her Kim is not happy about the major backlash that she’s getting as it relates to taking North to the megali and having the child you know looking stranded and scared she believes that people don’t understand that she didn’t mean for that to happen I believe

That Kim is slowly realizing that he is the best thing that has happened to her even though she has said it from her own mouth she said that yay is you know the best real serious relationship bet she has ever had on not talking about him

Ditching his wife for Kim and yada yada yada and all of that because when they talk about this thing it’s as though people you know want to hear my words and they want to put a measurement on it Kim may have given up on trying to you know make things miserable for ye

And Bianca but will she be persistent on keeping things on neutral grounds and on Mutual grounds I believe that when it comes to you know ye and his kids he’s very sensitive and that is where he may have challenges with Kim if Kim is relying on yay I have

And Kim is saying yay I’m no to you it can cause some amount of um you know distaste I would honestly love that for Kim and yay because of the kids sake and you know at the end of the day you know as humans we all need someone in our

Corner it doesn’t matter how horrible the rest of the world sees as I do believe that Kim can help you as it relates to PR outside of co-parenting relationship I believe that Kim would be helpful to you as it relating to PR and he would be able

Um to help Kim with her business ideas I honestly do hope that both of them move in a better Direction going forward and I and I do hope that is time passes we see everyone together as a happy family unit no betrayal no debauchery no backstabbing or anything like that just

One love piece and you know Unity at the end of the day there’s only one thing that conquers all things and that is love and that’s all I want to leave in this video with you guys let me know what your thoughts or do you care do

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